PMHNP Preceptorship Program

Through hands-on training and in the classroom, nurse practitioner at VIP INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CARE are continually learning to improve both their careers and the care they provide. Experienced and caring staff, guide and mentor each student individually to achieve the level of excellence.
Office, Telehealth, Assisted Living Facilities, Inpatient Hospitals, Treatment Center and Shelters
      • Management of Psychiatric Mental Disorders
      • The Art and Science of Medication Management for Psychiatric Mental Disorders
      • Psychiatric evaluations - a comprehensive approach
      • Understanding and identifying when to refer for specialized therapy
      • Labs and Tests to order
      • Novel Treatment approaches
      • Operating a Psychiatric practice
      • Creating Collaborative Agreements
      • Diagnostics tests to order (Take out Labs and Tests to Order)
      • Networking



To apply, students must submit the following:

    • A completed application
    • An Updated Resume
    • Required approval school forms
    • Updated student /employee physical
    • Financial Agreement
NON-REFUNDABLE $40 Application Fee includes processing and submission of University/School required documentation, such as collaborative agreement, practice/provider CV/resume, etc.
For more information, please call 561-909-8555