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Ketamine infusion therapy has been known to help redevelop neural pathways of that brain that have been damage by depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain when used at low doses. 

Why Ketamine? 

Ketamine can be used to battle treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, postpartum depression, anxiety, and other health conditions. This treatment was named one of the Top 10 Medical Innovations in 2018 by the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. 

Process of Infusion

The treatment course is 6 INFUSIONS within 3 WEEKS. This comes out to 2 TREATMENTS PER WEEK.

One of our medical providers will meet with you and discuss your treatment plan and medical history. 

On the day of infusion someone on staff will guide you to an infusion chair, and a provider will come and start an IV catheter. You will receive a low dose of ketamine infusion over the course of 60 minutes, during which your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level will be monitored. After your infusion, you will be seated for a recovery time of 30-60 minutes. After the infusion, our providers will make sure your vital signs are stable and that you are mentally alert. 


Individual Ketamine treatments are $395 per infusion. A package of 6 Ketamine infusions may be purchased for $1999. A 50% deposit is REQUIRED in order to confirm your appointment and the remaining balance can be paid after treatment. 

Day of Treatment Instructions

Make sure to have a friend of family member available to drive you home

Please do not eat anything 6 hours prior to your appointment

Clear liquids may be consumed 2 hours before your appointment 

Please take your medications as prescribed

A clinician will be present at all times to monitor and reassure you during your treatment. 

You may experience a dream-like state during your treatment, but will not be asleep. Patients have reported heaviness, dreaming, and heightened senses during their treatment.

After Treatment Procedures

The provider will remove the IV after your infusion is complete and give you time to recover. 

The majority of the medicines effects will wear off within a few minutes of the infusion ending. You may feel more tired than usual a few hours after the treatment. 

Please have your ride ready to assist you at the end of your appointment. After your treatment, do not drive or operate any machinery for 12 hours. Please plan to rest for the remaining hours of the day. You may eat after your treatment. 


Most patients notice a difference within days, if not hours, of starting treatment. Some people feel better for up to a month, while other can feel better for 2-3 months. For symptom relief, booster infusions can be scheduled. 


If you cannot attend a session for any reason, please call and let us know AT LEAST 24 hours before your appointment. If your session is scheduled for a Monday, please call the Friday before. 

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